KT 32.021 Sky blue

The exalted blue of the cloudless sky, a perpetual source of inspiration.

Referenz - Le Corbusier, Salubra wallpaper, 1931

Farbfunktion - materialization

Wirksamkeit - best in the shadows

Sky blue is the color “of a cloudless sky on a sunny summer day at about midday, viewed at an angle of approximately 30°.” In a unique attempt to introduce a system to the world of imaginative color names in the 1960s, Kornerup and Wanscher first categorized color names, such as sky blue, alphabetically and then related them to pictoral descriptions and to numbered color fields. The definitions can often be applied to the spatial effects of the color. Sky blue, for example, expands in space, lending it lightness and freedom – like the sky on a sunny day.

Katrin Trautwein, 225 Colors, 2020 ©Birkhäuser Publishers, Basel


Customer feedback

"Their colors are just unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining, or it's rainy weather, or night, with every play of light they look different again. Incredible."

AM, Privatkunde