Inspiration for your kt.COLOR concepts

View our object gallery for interiors and exteriors that delight and inspire. It is a rich source of ideas for color design. Shown with each photo is the color used by the designer with beautiful alternatives that might have been chosen instead.


White is the most important color! It is the most present material in most architecture. Also, white attracts attention faster than any other color. With 26 natural whites, which one is the most beautiful? Use these fotos to find your favorite.

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Grays and Browns

Colors made with natural gray and umber pigments look forever natural and understated. They are perfect backdrops for colorful, lively and light spaces. You will be amazed to see how stylish your rooms look once they are painted with these colors.

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A subtle rainbow of blacks. The darker the surface, the more elusive it will appear. Use these blacks to deepen the perception of space and to showcase white objects or nearby light areas.

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Yellows and Ochres

Bright yellows need sunlight, they will not look nice in the shadows. What to do with those north-facing spaces? Used gold colors and all of the natural sand and ochre shades to lend rooms warmth under all conditions of lighting.

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Orange and bright Reds

The warmest colors, especially the ones made with volcanic red ochres and Venetian red. If you think a red might be too powerful, use a lighter shade. If your space is small, add warmth with Pompeian red or one of the darker colors.

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Carmine Reds and Pink

Adding ultramarine blue to reds changes the quality of red colors immediately. They are less emphatic and more elegant. Test our opulent carmine and ruby reds for walls standing in the shadows. Combine lighter pink shades with dark wood and deep blue shades.

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Ultramarine and Blues

Ultramarine is everybody's darling! Our deep ultramarine is a bit deeper than Yves Kleins IKB even: a most inspiring color. All of these paint colors arrest your attention and invite you to think about freedom, space and infinity.

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Natural greens, ultramarine green and cobalt pigments create a graceful palette of greens unlike any others. These objects show you that the right green is a harmonic enhancement to any color concept.

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Facades should be painted with natural pigments. They pick up sunlight better than any others. Have you noticed that natural colors always match? Use this effect to create facades that blend in with the environment.

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Customer feedback

"Two years ago, when I moved into a new apartment, I had a room painted in the color French chariot blue. Every day, depending on the light and the time of day, the color has a different effect, and it gives me great pleasure." PN, Architektur und Design

"Your predictions have all come true. The apartment looks calm and the tectonics are much clearer. The color triad is completely convincing in combination and also each color is fantastic individually." JK, Architecture and Design