The talented team that makes everything possible

We were told 25 years ago that it would not be possible to produce premium paints in Switzerland. A headstrong business angel and a chemist with a passion for color decided to prove everyone wrong. Talented employees joined our team, bringing in their expertise and ideas. All of us share a passion for natural pigments, hancraftsmanship and creative solutions. Meet our team members and see their favorite colors.

Andrea, Color design. KT 06.034 Green tea

Benjamin, Administration. KT 43.23 Spice red

Claudia, Sample production. KT 11.029 Dark olive green

Fabian, Product development. KT 43.12 Ruby red

Fabio, Production and logistics, 18.020 Spanish green

Gogo, Video production. KT 18.021 Sage green

Goran, Logistics. KT 10.003 Paynes gray

Isabel, Color design. KT 11.020 Blue velvet

Jan, Research & Development, KT 32.049 Malachite white

Jochen, Logistics. KT 09.033 Amethyst

Katrin, Founder. KT 18.028 Good spirit gray

Marc, Marketing, Color design. KT 26.012 Art Gallery gray

Marcel, Color advice, KT 12.052 Black cobalt green 85

Max, Manager kt.COLOR Germany. KT 11.020 Blue velvet

Mikas, Digital. KT 26.040 Dark pine green

Patrik, Production. KT 04.003 Prussian blue

Roland, Technical advice expert. KT 12.057 Ultramarine sky blue

Roman, Head of administration. KT 03.001 Ultramarine blue

Sonja, Product development. KT 21.012 Agave green

Stefy, Sales Manager. KT 11.020 Blue velvet

Tanja, Product development. KT 11.020 Blue velvet

Thorsten, Chief Executive Officer. KT 12.050 Green black 85

Tom, Head of Production. KT 06.001 Hot magenta

Urs, Production. KT 03.001 Ultramarine blue

Yolanda, Key Account Manager. KT 13.023 Dark turquoise blue

Customer feedback

"You are such a great team, your passion, team spirit, and spirit is so palpable." MS, Interior Designer