Naturally pigmented, eco-friendly paints

Color adds a special touch of magic to architectural space. But all colors are not created equal. We make ours in Switzerland using natural pigments, hydropower and eco-friendly binders. They are unmatched in their depth and beauty. Rare pigments such as lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, the Persian red the ancient Greeks loved most, French ochres, umbers from Cyprus and many, many more will enchant you.

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Natural pigments make all the difference when it comes to beautiful interiors. They are more soothing, they have more sparkle, and they are gentler to behold than any others. Even the premium paint makers no longer use them because tinting machines only work with synthetic pigments. But we, as artisan paint makers, rely on nature for depth and beauty.

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Individual color concepts

Highly pigments paints create magical effects when you find the right ones for your spaces. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to selecting the best colors and finishes for the lighting, the architectural concept and your personal preferences. Drop us a line for a color consultation. With our assistance, you will certainly find the color concept that beautifully expresses your values and your aspirations.

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Customer feedback

"Despite the price difference, we painted our entire house with your paint colors. It was totally worth it! The way they play with the light always causes me to smile with delight."

"Your colors are simply unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining or it's raining, or at night, however the light it is. Really amazing."