Katrin Trautwein's blog about color, color psychology, color design, light and color, paints, pigments and spatial perception. In one way or another, each blog deals with the emotional impact of architecture. Because it all depends on the colors.

Black Paint Ideas Revisited

t is much easier to imagine many shades of green than many shades of black. If you think about painting a wall in a conference room black, you are likely to think that it will be too dark and frightening. Is that true?

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Unveiling the Power of Color Part 3: Why We Love Authenticity

Our sense of vision is an expert when it comes to recognizing the difference between familiar objects and imitations. This ability to tell the difference between real and fake relies on the fact that our sense of vision reads color reflections and uses them to recognize materials, objects, and meanings. This means that surface authenticity is more important for the way we respond to objects and spaces than the hue.

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Unveiling the Power of Color 2: What you are really seeing

Brown is said to be the most delicious color, because it reminds us of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, cloves, nuts, crusty bread, etc. The claim is that ʺaroma- rich shades of brownʺ create irresistible settings. This researcher is basing his claims on the assumption that color is responsible for emotional reactions. Is that true, or is there a more obvious explanation?

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Unveiling the Power of Color 1: Asking the Right Question

The familiar links between colors and emotions—pure white, emotional red, and so on—are not backed by science. How does visual input arouse emotions? This question, although central to architecture and interior design, has not been answered systematically. I present scientific research results and their meaning to the design community in my next blogs. Join me to find out how color connects to space and to emotions!

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The Difference between kt.COLOR and all the Others

More than 20 years ago, we introduced Le Corbusier's color palette to the world of architecture and design. Corb's colors made kt.COLOR famous immediately. However, many people still do not know what the difference is between our paint colors and all the others. Read on!

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White Architecture: Why the "White Cube" was Never Neutral

Color is not something we see, it is how we see. Color and visual space are inseparable to our sense of perception. Form first, then color? Never. We see form and design as a function of color contrasts. Color researcher Katrin Trautwein studies the relationships between color, light, and our perception of design and architectural space. In this interview, she tells us why she has no time for color trends and what she would like to change in the architectural use of color.

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Customer feedback

"Their colors are just unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining, or it's rainy weather, or night, with every play of light they look different again. Incredible." AM, Privatkunde