Polychromie architecturale: Le Corbusier’s clavier de couleurs (3rd edition)

Author: Arthur Rüegg. Printed made with authentic kt.COLOR paint colors. Le Corbusier designed two color collections for the Swiss wallpaper manufacturer Salubra. He selected 43 colors for his collection dated 1931, and another 20 for the collection dated 1959. In 1931, he did more than simply line up colors by organizing them into 12 groups by their eomtional and their spatial effects to create harmonic combinations. Three to five shades could be assessed together by viewing them through the window of a slider. The second collection, dated 1959, includes more highly saturated colors. These were placed on a single keyboard so that each color could be combined with any of the others. The keyboards were precisely reproduced using kt.COLOR original paint colors with sophisticated screen printing techniques. Le Corbusier specialist Arthur Rüegg discusses the color keyboards and their meaning for color and architecture in this third edition.

ISBN: 978-3-764374754 d/f/e 25.4 x 6.6 x 29.5 cm hardback with sleeve - 174 pages with 13 keyboards and 63 full-size colour samples.

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