Satinée premium water-based paints

Unique pigments as well as our eco-friendly, water-based Satinée finish distinguish kt.COLOR from all others. Although richly pigmented and flat, surfaces painted with Satinée paints do not mar easily. Most scratches and stains can simply be wiped away. The paints are easy to apply, suitable for most surfaces, completely safe, beautiful, and altogether pleasing. Use on walls, masonry and woodwork. Enjoy!

Walls and Ceilings

To coat walls and ceilings with Satinée:


Prime: Satinée diluted one-to-one with water


Paint: Satinée undiluted


Recoat: after 4 hours for a perfect finish

Order 1 kg paint for 30 sq. ft. Add 20% for rough surfaces. Use a low-pile roller.

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To coat woodwork and cabinets with Satinée:


Prime: clean surfaces and apply M010 Acrylic primer


Paint: dilute Satinée with 10% water and apply


Recoat: wait 4 hours and repaint with undiluted Satinée


Table tops and other high-frequency surfaces: protect with M050 PUR-Clearcoat Gloss or M054 PUR-Clearcoat Semi-glossy

Quantity: 1 kg Satinée paint will coat 40 sq.ft. Orderhalf as much primer and Clearcoat. Apply with a low-pile roller or brush apply.

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Order paints and samples

Order tester jars of the eggshell-sheen Satinée paint colors you are interested in. Each tester contains 130 ml of the desired color. Test on your walls and watch them change with the light throughout the day.

Paint Samples