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A new, handmade selection tool for color designers you will fall in love with. The hardcover box contains 180 hand-painted color cards. Registers separate the color groups and make it easy to find the right color. The convenient box fits next to your laptop or in your handbag.

Handmade sample cards of 180 color classics guarantee beautiful combinations. The colors on the cards are the real paints: what you see in the sampler is what you get when you order. The lid can be used as a model to view light- and shadow effects in corners.

The color selection includes the entire palette of kt.COLOR originals. You will find the colors you are looking for among the 25 whites, 10 blacks, 40 grays and numerous chromatic colors.

The sturdy black box made of hardboard measures 18 x 9 x 8.5 cm. It contains 180 sample cards. Each measures 7 x 7 cm. Hand-stamped color names on each card, tabs for the color groups and lists make it easy to keep the contents in order. A handmade, signed certificate of authenticity accompanies each one of the limited edition of 555.

CHF 342.00 | € 309.00 with Color points account.

€ 1030.00 **


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