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COLOR CONCEPTOR® Tool for professional color design

Our wellbeing is determined to a large degree by the first impression that lingers, of the colors in a room. The important ways that this relates to architecture led us to create a user-friendly tool for color design. Our COLOR CONCEPTOR® enables architects and designers to design colors which match the function, proportions, floor coloring and lighting of the space, as well as the subjective preferences of users, in just five easy steps. Our COLOR CONCEPTOR® also allows users to feel confident in working with colors.

Scope of delivery: 44 color charts with 180 original color samples, brochure and USB stick Format: Charts each 21 x 9 cm
Sample format: each 5.2 x 2.1 cm, sorted according to application criteria
Type: Individually attached paper samples, hand-painted in emulsion paint

CHF 342.00 | € 309.00 mit Farbpunkte-Konto.

€ 1030.00 **


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