This may be normal, but it ins't good: As you enter, your pupils will contract. You will look paler in the mirror than you would outdoors. In such bright environments, you don't see better, but worse, because your eyes admit less light and contrasts blur.

Industrial white

Shutterstock photo

This pale blue is about 20% darker than conventional whites. This level of shading is ideal for your ense of vision. Besides, you look more tanned and refreshed in front of cool backgrounds. The overall effect is elegant and flattering.

KT 32.024 Pale blue

Villa Belsito, K Plus Architekten AG, Rapperswil-Jona

People are often afraid of dark colors, thinking that they will close the space and make it seen oppressive. The opposite is true: dark walls deepen our perception of space, as this bathroom shows. The effect is elegant and sophisticated.

KT 32.140 Dark native umber

Kerstin Stöhr, Wädenswil, raum-struktur.ch

Warm Mountain blue creates a beautiful backdrop in this bathroom. The effect is sophisticated and natural. See how colorful the wood looks against Mountain blue? The same glow will apply to every skin color.

KT 16.005 Mountain blue

Schaden Hausser Architekten, Stuttgart

This not being a bright red, it exudes an earthy warmth. Venetian red is so balanced and natural that everything placed in its enclosure will look lively and noble. Colors made from natural pigments have a gentle, harmonious effect. Even if they are red.

KT 11.114 Venetian red

Villa Mauerkircherstraße, Arnold Werner Architekten, München, Photo ©Boo Yeah

Here is a bathroom of absolute discretion! Glass and metal, wood and the earth color join hands to create a natural-looking bath landscape that is completely inviting. This bathroom is proves our thesis that bathrooms should be like a garden and never sterile and white.

KT 32.140 Dark native umber

architektur-terminal, Röthis, Photo Bruno Klomfar, Wien

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