Living rooms

The white on your walls and ceiling is the most important color in most rooms. It is the backdrop that can make everything in your space look more radiant. Our whites made with natural pigments create more sophisticated backgrounds thanany others. A kt.COLOR white will grace the entire room.

KT 32.004 Silver white

KT 32.009 China clay white

Villa Mauerkircherstrasse, Architecture Arnold/Werner, Photo Burko Jaeger, 2020

The Island of Sylt has a rugged climate influenced by the North Sea. This beautifully warm, natural white feels right at home in this seaman's climate. The cretaceous white picks up the light from the dunes outside, and it perfectly matches the landscape.

KT 12.099 Warm natural white

KT 16.002 Dusky gray

Color design architektur interior berlin für Grotheer Architektur, Photo Foto Nina Struve, 2019

Wines taste best in the region they grow in. This also applies to your paint colors, since they will reflect the light and local colors. In Nice, this sensual, sandy wall color and the sky blue ceiling pick up and match the meditteranean beauty.

KT 32.143 Pale native umber

KT 12.057 Ultramarine sky blue

Mikael Brund, Brund Arkitekten AB, Lund, 2019

The natural wood on the floor sets off our bright, clear China clay white beautifully. It is the whitest white that nature has to offer. The dark contrast color on the back wall lends the space depth, thereby creating a beautiful background for our clients' favorite pieces.

KT 32.009 China clay white

KT 14.050 Umber gray

kt.COLOR, 2020

The color that deepens the space may be really dark, like the black velvet on which pearls are presented. Dark colors like Blue Velvet create an elegant backdrop for book reading and for the conversations that take place here.

KT 11.020 Blue velvet

Medien Service Rose, Hamburg, Photo fotografieschaulin.de

This shimmering white with a whisper of pink embeds this space in a soft, warm glow. The natural white on the walls and ceiling picks up rose-colored reflections and radiates their tender message to every corner.

KT 32.132 Burnt umber white

Jordi Miralles Fotografia, 2020

Don't be afraid of color! Even our deepest reds will not be imposing. Here, Pompeian red celebrates the space, the art collection and the spirit of the occupant. Steely gray lends the space depth. Good color concepts are not loud at all, they are harmonious and convincing.

KT 32.109 Pompeian red

KT 18.027 Steely gray

Christoph Schuepp, Zürich, 2019

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