This kitchen was varnished with our White light, the cabinet was set off with Le Corbusier's powerful Bright red. These paint colors are sophisticated classics, much like the Bulthaup kitchen and the Wishbone chair.

KT 32.000 White light

KT 43.1 Bright red

Michael Dax, Dettingen

The bright ceiling and the window front in this space were begging for the use of dark colors on the other walls. The rich contrasts create a cozy, most welcoming atmosphere.

KT 10.010 Anthracite

KT 08.075 Brown gold

Roman Stalder GmbH, Nidau

Decorated with a color triad of oak, white and Misty blue, this London kitchen looks beautiful and inviting. Combinations of a warm, a neutral and a cooler color almost always look well-balanced. As always, exquisite pigments are the key to success.

KT 16.006 Misty blue

Aureliano Ramello, London

The back wall painted with Noir turquoise 85 turns creates a stunning backdrop for the wooden surfaces. The wood wall behind the dining table holds the space and lifts the ceiling, but the dark turquoise elevates the architecture to a higher dimension.

KT 12.048 Turquoise black 85

architektur-terminal, Röthis, Photo Bruno Klomfar, Wien

Stone white consists of pure Carrara marble. It is unique in its translucence and clarity, and this space remains clear and bright in spite of the many green reflections entering from outside. This clarity can only be achieved with natural pigments.

KT 17.040 Stone white

Wandstil, Schrobenhausen, Photo Jonathan Sage, München

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