Halls and Stairways

Although these staircases are rather different, both highlight the importance of finding the right color. The white, wooden elements and the lighting lead your eyes upwards and show you where to move to get to rooms that will inevitably look bright and enchanting.

KT 16.061 Distinguished blue

Blaue Eminenz, Maler Zehnhäusern GmbH, Foto Ketty Bertossi

These architects have created attractive, modern, sustainable wood housing that avoids the pitfall of looking too rustic. The dark turquoise blue is central to this endeavor - it modernizes the design and imparts it with a sense of magic.

KT 12.048 Turquoise black 85

Noir turquoise, architektur-terminal, Röthis, Foto Bruno Klomfar, Wien

The raised white bannister leads you upstairs, where you enter this hallway. The back wall was painted with our Medium natural gray, which is made entirely with natural pigments. This is clever, because it draws you to the light in the living space, making it look irresistible.

KT 08.044 Medium natural gray

Gris natur moyen, Villa MM Malans (GR), Fotos Ralph Feiner

The walls in the hallway were painted with cool Eileens Gray, the closet was varished with our Moon gray. These grays pick up the tile colors and dray your eyes (and feet) to the adjoining spaces, which appear irrestistable with their warm, wooden flooring and bright White light color.

KT 17.060 Eileen's gray

KT 16.003 Moon gray

Pia Burtscher, SAJ Architekten AG, bern, Foto Anja Schori

A concept with two whites: Chinay Clay white delineates the spatial dimensions and structures the entrance hall. The darker white, Whisper gray, blends in with the marble tiles. It also draws all eyes through the dooways to the lighter, more luminous living spaces.

KT 26.015 Whisper gray

KT 32.009 Chinay clay white

Villa Mauerkircherstraße, Arnold Werner Architekten, München, Fotos ©Boo Yeah

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