Dining rooms

You will never tire of a true classic, only trend- and fashion colors get tiresome. If you've fallen in love with a classic, such as this, the deepest blue ever, it will be a source of joy and identity. And you will want tot ake it with you when you move to a new home.

KT 03.001 Ultramarine blue Y3

Bärbel Heck,

The client with the first blue dining room had her new home painted immediately. Many things have changed, but not the beloved color. For guests, the dinner is still a memorable experience. For the family, it is a part of feeling at home.

KT 03.001 Ultramarine blue Y3

Bärbel Heck,

Pastel colors made with mineral-based pigments look gentle and graceful. The medium blue was selected to set off the light, honey-colored wood table. Since it is on all walls, the small room looks larger than it is.

KT 16.006 Misty blue

Aureliano Ramello, London

The color Sky gray is a magician! Lux Guyer, the first Swiss architect to establish her own office, used this delicate, light, bluish gray to visually open the tight space. The ceiling looks to be higher and the entire space deems to be modern, light and spacious.

KT 13.095 Sky gray

Obere Schiedhalde, Lux Guyer, 1928, Foto Marc Niedermann, 2017

Small dining rooms that lie between the kitchen and living room often look cluttered. If the wall behind the dining table, or all of the walls, are painted with umber, thie integrative, natural pigment will calm the space and bring together the diversity.

KT 08.007 Cyprus umber 272

Kerstin Stöhr, Wädenswil,

Would you like to display a beautiful picture or a collection? Choose a color that matches your cherished pieces. In this case, ti was the color Champagne silver. It brings out the best of everything: the atmosphere, the plate collection, the light and, of course, the people who meet there.

KT 04.001 Champagne silver

Anna Maria Beck, amb-Raumgestaltung, Luzern

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