The warm, muted color Mountain blue establishes a connection between the spectacular vista outside the window and the wall behind the bed. The inhabitant of this space is embraced by the magnificent views of nature. The pigments are mineral-based, the effects wonderfully natural.

KT 16.005 Mountain blue

Thomas Rösch,, Frutigen

In this young woman's room, the comforting effect of natural pigments colors warms the entire space. The calm natural earth color Venetian red lends the room individuality and glamor, while absorbing almost all of the blue light coming from the LED lighting.

KT 11.114 Venetian red

Andrea Agostini,, Wetzikon

One path to serenity, calm and harmony is by using paints made with natural pigments. Umbers here create gentle contrasts to everthing else going on in the spaces. This imparts them with a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

KT 11.054 Sandy umber

KT 16.003 Moon gray

Miriam Braun, Architekten Gemeinschaft 4 AG, Luzern

A perfect example of what our color concepts aim at: They connect people and their spaces to the beauty of nature. Glittering mother-of-pearl shells and the white textiles are embedded in the soft, natural umber. The umbers are natural pigments that always look sandy and dry.

KT 32.143 Pale native umber, Zürich

Why not paint your bedroom as dark as the night sky? With subtle lighting effects, it will be wonderfully intimate and sensual. You will lower your voice and whisper your thoughts into the night. The deep ultramarine green pigment in this color is manufactured exclusively for kt.COLOR.

KT 12.050 Green black 85

Ulla Jahn, Hamburg

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