> Raw umber black 85

KT 12.040 Raw umber black 85

A somber black, splendid with gold and other bright colors.

Referenz - Hella Jongerius, colourful blacks, 2012

Farbfunktion - differentiation

Wirksamkeit - good under all lighting conditions

Three elementary substances join hands in this color: ivory black, which is produced by charring bones; umber, an earth pigment formed by tectonic plate movements; and chalk, composed of primordial marine shells. The result is a sublime, earthy black. Lightning dazzles us at night, and this color is used accordingly, since it makes everything look more luminous. Bronzes and metallic colors are brilliant set off against such a background, but also bright colors and gentle pastels such as rose, for example.

Katrin Trautwein, 225 Farben, 2017 ©Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel

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"Their colors are just unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining, or it's rainy weather, or night, with every play of light they look different again. Incredible."

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