> Pale pink

KT 32.102 Pale pink

A subtle pink, earthy and matt; the Modernists loved it – who would have thought that?

Referenz - Le Corbusier, Salubra wallpaper, 1931

Farbfunktion - materialization

Wirksamkeit - good under all lighting conditions

The color codes used for the 1931 Salubra wallpaper series refer to the primary pigment. The wallpaper this color is based on is the lighter version of the color KT 32.101 Raspberry red, and both were made with synthetic madder lake. One is the full tone, the other a pastel. The same pink can be found on paintings by the Swiss artist Giovanni Giacometti, who selected colors for their power of expression. Both Giacometti and Le Corbusier used the light red to highlight dark and somber blues and grays.

Katrin Trautwein, 225 Farben, 2017 ©Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel

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