> Manganese violet

KT 09.024 Manganese violet

An extravagant violet, it unfolds in space like heartfelt laughter.

Referenz - Paul Baumann, Neue Farbtonkarte System Prase, Sample No. 1288, 1928

Farbfunktion - dynamic

Wirksamkeit - good under all lighting conditions

Thomas Leykauf, a chemist in Nuremberg, developed a synthesis for manganese violet from manganese dioxide and phosphoric acid in 1868. The pigment was called Nuremberg violet, and it yielded both gorgeous purples and, with Zinc white added, pleasing tints. The pigment proved to be harmful to the environment, and a new formulation based on ultramarine blue and ruby red was developed. In keeping with Leykauf’s reference color, the new formulation is extraordinarily deep and vibrant even when used in the shadows.

Katrin Trautwein, 225 Farben, 2017 ©Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel

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"Their colors are just unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining, or it's rainy weather, or night, with every play of light they look different again. Incredible."

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