> Dusky rose

KT 21.005 Dusky rose

An unusually deep pink, not cute and artificial, but rich and convincing.

Referenz - Paul Baumann, Neue Farbtonkarte System Prase, Sample No. 1312, 1928

Farbfunktion - dynamic

Wirksamkeit - good under all lighting conditions

Pink color effects are rather rare in nature: think of the splendid streak on the horizon in the sunset, or the seductive floral dress of fragrant roses, or the sensual delight of vines full of pink muscat grapes. Large pink areas appear only fleetingly in natural settings, but smaller ones may linger longer. In accordance with this guiding principle, Dusky rose should be used sparingly. Several walls would be too dominant, but a single wall will look festive and stimulate the imagination.

Katrin Trautwein, 225 Farben, 2017 ©Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel

Customer feedback

"Their colors are just unbelievably beautiful, whether the sun is shining, or it's rainy weather, or night, with every play of light they look different again. Incredible."

AM, Privatkunde